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Urrutia scores maiden F3 Open win

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: FOTOSPEEDY/f3open.net

RP Motorsport’s Santiago Urrutia won the first race of F3 Open at Portimao, heading a 1-2-3 for the team with championship leader Sandy Stuvik and poleman Alex Toril.

The RP trio and the fourth-placed Ed Jones built up a significant gap to the rest of the grid, headed by Yarin Stern and Alexey Chuklin. Mario Marasca was seventh ahead of Alexandre Cougnaud and Copa winner Richard Gonda, with Hector Hurst rounding out the top ten.

Main class contenders Roberto La Rocca and Nelson Mason were both prematurely out of the race.

Race results
Pos. Driver Car Team Time/Gap
1 Santiago Urrutia F312 RP Motorsport 16 laps in 27:36.270
2 Sandy Stuvik F312 RP Motorsport 0.603
3 Alexander Toril F312 RP Motorsport 1.279
4 Ed Jones F312 Team West-Tec 3.304
5 Yarin Stern F312 EmillioDeVillota 10.268
6 Alexey Chuklin F312 EmillioDeVillota 11.150
7 Mario Marasca F312 BVM 15.659
8 Alexandre Cougnaud F312 RP Motorsport 20.512
9 Richard Gonda F308 Drivex School 21.113
10 Hector Hurst F312 EmillioDeVillota 29.555
11 Vicky Piria F312 BVM 30.986
12 Cameron Twynham F308 Team West-Tec 31.663
13 Mattia Vita F312 Top F3 33.556
14 Igor Urien F308 EmillioDeVillota 35.799
15 Liam Venter F308 Team West-Tec 38.239
16 Andres Saravia F308 EmillioDeVillota 38.875
17 Lorenzo Paggi F308 Corbetta Compeitizoni 39.055
18 Denis Nagulin F312 Campos Racing 42.579
19 Artur Janosz F312 Campos Racing 42.895
20 Valeria Carballo F312 Campos Racing 44.532
21 Luca Orlandi F312 Team West-Tec 45.051
22 Gerardo Nieto F308 DAV Racing 46.164
23 Damiano Fioravanti F308 Corbetta Compeitizoni 48.432
24 Huan Zhu F308 Team West-Tec 49.381
25 Che One Lim F308 EmillioDeVillota 49.942
26 Saud Al-Faisal F308 RP Motorsport 1:21.409
27 Tommaso Menchini F308 Corbetta Compeitizoni 2:11.944
28 Nicolas Pohler F308 DAV Racing +4 laps
Not classified
Roberto La Rocca F312 Team West-Tec +5 laps
Sean Walkinshaw Team West-Tec +14 laps
Nelson Mason F312 Team West-Tec +15 laps